Handmade by Me, Argon Agathon

I’m a Black, Queer artist and designer based in Oakland, CA.

When I hire outside help I try to utilize the talents of local, q/t/poc makers! If that’s you, get in touch!

Hope to see you when I’m vending at local kink events, attending gloomy dance music shows, and being an introvert at home playing video games and watching TV. Or sewing. Or screen printing. Or prototyping new products!

Fall 2023 Update

I Say
I Am

Is Who I Am

No one is my gatekeeper

It’s been a blast meeting folks at fairs and events and cons this year, and the communities I have been lucky enough to be welcomed into have truly changed my life. Cumply started as a passion project, a creative outlet, and my way of contributing to the local queer and kink community by supporting events like Folsom Street Fair, Dore Alley, SF Pride, and Oakland Pride.

That being said, just about every piece of creative work I’ve put into the world has been about creating representation where it is lacking. Representation in culture that I did not see growing up as a Black, queer, multiracial person, and more recently as a queer person in my forties who is in a larger body. My work–and hence, Cumply–is about inserting myself, loudly and proudly, into spaces that seem like perhaps I am not wanted.

It hurts on both sides: on the outside looking in, and on the inside but perhaps still not quite entirely welcome.

But here I am, and here we are, and we won’t let anyone pretend everything is OK as it is, that white and thin and cis and straight is “normal” or “default” and everyone else is an exception. So I make things for us to wear and display that say, “who I say I am is who I am, no one is my gatekeeper”


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