Experimental fetish gear made of non-traditional materials. And some other stuff.

Cumply. is Black Owned, Queer Owned, and based in Oakland, California.

Mostly cotton and stainless steel. Kink-positive.

Sex-Positive. Queer AF.

You look very sexy in your leather and rubber and we love it! But we’re trying something different. Maybe we’ll do a line in second-hand or vegan leather in the future. Who knows?

human pup bandana with collar that says service pup on duty with a graphic of a bone

Pup Bandanas

For good pups and bad pups. Human pups.

Pocket Flags

Make it Hanky Code but uncoded.

a rectangular piece of fabric that comes to a point on one side. it has a graphic of a bundle of rope. it is in a back pocket.
a rectangular piece of fabric that comes to a point at the bottom. it has a strap with a silver buckle. there is a pink triangle printed on it with the text: the first pride was a riot.

Pocketed Arm Bands

Confront the culture! Hold my lipstick!

Kinky Affirmation Puzzles

Affirm your kinky identity, or give marching orders!


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